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Machine Knitting to Order

  We invite you to participate in the creation of a modern, high-quality and comfortable knitted product. If you need anything for being knitted, please contact us. We produce almost any knitted product of any complexity. We have a colossal base of already developed sweaters, cardigans, dresses, knitted tracksuits, knitted jackets, scarves, hats, plaids, etc. We are also ready to implement your ideas and best practices. All we need is just a sketch, a sample or even a photograph to complete the finished product.

  Cooperating with us, you have the opportunity to get a product that hardly anybody in Kyiv and Ukraine can provide you with: the knitwear of the 21st century – whole knitted products using Whole Garment® technology. This is the revolutionary technology of SHIMA SEIKI Japanese company, thanks to which knitted products are becoming more refined, comfortable, and modern.

  The variety of raw materials (yarn) we work with is quite extensive: expensive, Italian, cashmere and merino threads, as well as more economical cotton, semi-woolen or synthetic ones.

  We knit to order even not large wholesale quantity: 30 units of one model. This is a reason to contact us.

We urge you to take into account the possibility that in Ukraine you can establish business with professional, efficient and reliable manufacturers.